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We invite you to join us in Giving Back to our Native American Elders, those who originally walked this amazing land we call America.  Walking The World has teamed with Adopt-A-Native-Elder to help support more than 550 traditional Native American Elders, all over 75, who live in the cultural and spiritual traditions of The Dine’ (Navajo) People.


We donate $7 from each shirt you purchase!

Current Challenge

These Native American Elders, all over 75, have been walking these American lands for many years.  But, as they have become elderly it has become more difficult for them to support themselves on the Land in their traditional ways.  They often lack enough food, basic household supplies, firewood for warmth, electricity, and warm clothes.


How we Meet The Challenge

Our goal is to provide one load of firewood, five food vouchers, and a pair of wool socks for each of the 556 Native American Elders supported by Adopt-A-Native-Elder.

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