Giving Back

2016 – Ward’s Quest and The Year of Giving Back

At Walking The World, we’ve declared 2016 as the Year of Giving Back.

A big part of adventure travel for me is meeting new people from different cultures, seeing how others live life on this planet.

And on many of our trips at Walking The World, it’s the local people we meet who help make our adventures as unique and wonderful as they are.

Too often though, these same local people often lack access to many of the basic amenities in life that we often take for granted.  Like decent quality schools and educational opportunities for their children.

This is a problem we can solve.  We know how to build schools.  We know where the schools are needed.  We know the high value of an education, and the money exists to provide quality schools and educational opportunities for those who need them.

With that in mind, in 2016, we’re going on an adventure of our own, a Quest to give back to local people around the world who have given so much to us.

Our goal, our mission, is to find 5,000 adventurous souls with big hearts and a desire to help, to join our – Drink Coffee – Build Schools movement.

How will we accomplish this?

Drink Coffee – Build Schools

Millions of adventure travelers love coffee.  You might be one of them. And some of the best coffees in the world come from parts of the world most in need of quality schools.

So, we’ve partnered with a leading coffee roaster to provide a line of high quality, scrumptious tasting, organic, shade grown, fair trade coffees.  Our first offering comes from the mountains of southern Costa Rica on the border with Panama.


How You Can Help

It’s easy, register for our subscription coffee club and then get ready to enjoy one of the finest, most scrumptiously luscious cups of coffee you’ve ever tasted .  Plus, while savoring each sip, you’ll personally be helping to sponsor a new school.

When you join our subscription coffee club, we’ll send you two amazing 12oz bags of freshly roasted coffee according to your schedule.  We’ll use a portion of the proceeds from each bag to build schools in Central America.