The 100-Day Walking Challenge (#2)

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The 100-Day Walking Challenge

The 100-Day Walking Challenge (#2) with Ward & Marketa

Always dreamed of taking a walking trip or hiking tour to an exotic destination?  Ever wondered how you might physically prepare for such an adventure?

How to do Walking Trips

One good way is to simply start walking on a regular basis well in advance of your walking vacation.  My experience though has shown that people tend to wait until the last weeks just prior to their adventure to start any kind of fitness training.  To help counter that, and to provide a practical demonstration of how to prepare, I put together the first Walking The World 100-Day Walking Challenge in the fall of 2011.

Over the past 5-6 months, I have received numerous requests from travelers wanting to repeat the 100-Day Walking Challenge.  And since I personally loved walking every day for 100 days during Challenge #1, I’ve decided to once again offer the Challenge.

So, Marketa (an energetic, creative and brilliant intern with Walking The World) and I officially launched Challenge (#2) yesterday, July 13, 2012.

Marketa is a wee bit younger than I am, in her early 20’s, so it will be interesting to compare and contrast our different experiences walking each day for 100 days.

We invite you to join us in Challenge #2, and we would love it if you would drop us a note on how you’re doing. Also, please send us any questions you might have.  We would to help.   Also, if you have any photos of your walking efforts, we would love to showcase your beautiful mug in our blog!

So, lace up those shoes, unless you’re walking barefoot, and start walking!

Ward and Marketa