The Rest Step: Best technique to make walking uphill easier.

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Use the Rest Step to make your adventures less stressful and more enjoyable.

Hey everybody – Ward here with Walking The World with a video on using the Rest Step.

I wanted to share this video I made on the Rest Step, a technique that helps make walking uphill easier and more enjoyable. If you’ve ever opted out of a walking tour or hike with friends because you were worried about the uphill sections, rest easy.



The reality is that walking uphill can be managed with relative ease by using a few easy-to-learn techniques. They are: 1) slowing your pace, 2), taking shorter steps, and 3) the rest step. (Pressure breathing is an additional technique that I’ll discuss in a future video.)

In the video above, I demonstrate these techniques. Of course, other factors like altitude, weather, your physical conditioning, or how much daylight you have, may affect your effort. But given enough time and daylight, and energy, of course, these techniques will help you navigate many beautiful parts of the world you might not have chosen to explore.

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