Ward in the World

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Throughout the weeks, months and even years  coming along this section will bring to you the thoughts, reflections and the photos Ward captures as he makes his personal commentary on the world he explores.

whereintheworld.1One of the most important features of any of our Walking The World® tours is the fascinating insight and private thoughts of a man who has traversed the globe many times. In this section we have challenged Ward to take some time as he moves along his trails to capture for us some of the more intimate details of his trips.

This is not about the copious amount of knowledge that he brings to the table, although we do share that in other parts of this site. This is about those private and reflective moments that are truly individual to Ward. It’s what his mind’s eye sees when he looks into the deep dark skies in Nepal, or pauses over a tender lily in the Amazon basin. This small but deeply personal section will bring you another perspective of both the man and the legend of the global hiker, Ward Luthi.