Trip Equipment Lists

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For ever 20 years Ward Luthi has taken thousands of 50 plus active hikers around the world. In fact, no one has been more active and successful at creating challenging and rewarding hiking tours for the active 50 plus generation then Ward Luthi and his organization Walking The World®.  One of Ward’s many contributions to the industry of walking and hiking tours has been his knowledge of the gear and equipment that hikers will need on the various trips.

It’s easy enough to conceive that in various parts of the world the hiker will require a wide variety of gear to meet the demands of the terrain but just as importantly, Ward brings his many years of hiking to these far off destinations to detail more than just boots and backpacks.

153Each area of the world and at any given season in that area will bring the challenges of weather and climate as well. This is what makes these equipment lists so important to our guests. Not only does Ward make the recommendations for the equipment he himself will carry and use, but he will help you to pack according to the unanticipated. Only someone with his many years of experience could assist you in preparing for the unexpected. So, use the lists as a guide, but if you have questions you can always ask Ward at info@walkingtheworld.com